The team at PRO Environmental Services are the experts in asbestos removal in Wellington and more.

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Asbestos Removal Experts

The PRO Environmental Services team is expertly trained to safely and securely test, eliminate, and dispose of asbestos.

We specialize in asbestos removal in Wellington and beyond. Our highly trained team ensures that all our projects adhere to Health and Safety guidelines and regulations.

Meet The Team

Asbestos Removal Experts

Adrian Czopek

Founder at PRO Environmental Services

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Adrian spent a lifetime working in construction and asbestos removal before starting PRO Environmental Services in 2021.

Adrian Czopek comes from a family of builders and construction workers, and grew up helping out with his grandfather’s business during weekends and school holidays. He spent time as a roofer, decorator, and architectural metalwork paint sprayer before learning about the asbestos industry and settling into a niche that would become his life’s work.

It took time and dedication to upskill and become an asbestos removal site supervisor and run his own projects, before working his way up to be a contracts manager and running his own business.

After a move to New Zealand and several more years of experience, Adrian started PRO Environmental Services in early 2021. The company now provides home asbestos removal, commercial asbestos removal, environmental cleaning, mould removal, demolition work, and more.

Adrian spends his days creating quotes, talking to clients, offering advice, working on business development, and ensuring the health and safety of clients and employees. He loves meeting clients and savours the occasional opportunity to pick up his tools and work with his team on site when his schedule allows.

In his spare time, Adrian loves getting active. He goes swimming, plays soccer, and enjoys winter sports, but his favourite hobby is his lifelong passion for kyokushin, a form of karate he practices with his daughter.

Asbestos Removal Experts

Vince Balatero

Senior Projects Supervisor and HSQE & Operations Leader

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Vince began his career working on demolition strip outs in residential properties, and eventually moved into commercial buildings. His background in asbestos removal began with a huge project at the Von Haast Building at the University of Canterbury.

When PRO Environmental Services began in 2021, we asked Vince to be part of the team to get it off the ground. His insights and experience helped us to create the best possible work practices and company culture, making him an important part of our story and a key player in maintaining our high standards as the company has grown.

These days, Vince steps in wherever he’s needed. This can be in the form of site safety checks, site audits, admin and paperwork, project planning, client and assessor communication, and even picking up the tools and getting the job done himself.

He loves sharing his knowledge with the team (who love hearing it), and attributes his strong work ethic to his grandfather. As a father of two, he enjoys spending his days off at the beach or at a park with his family for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Asbestos Removal Experts

July Tangata

Project Supervisor & H&S Support

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When July Tangata was ready for a career change following an injury, he had his sights set on something in the construction industry. He got in touch with Vince, and the rest is history. July has been an integral part of the team since the early days of PRO Environmental Services, and has been instrumental in helping us grow as we have become a much larger, busier company.

His workload includes overseeing a team, liaising with management, updating clients and assessors, and ensuring every client is satisfied with our work. He loves seeing the team complete Class B asbestos removal jobs, and training newer staff to help them upskill.

When not at work, July loves fishing, spending time with his partner and dogs, camping, and travel.

Asbestos Removal Experts

Warana Ormsby

Project Supervisor & Operations Support

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Warana Ormsby has been with PRO Environmental Services since the early days, where he quickly adapted to the work and learned new skills.

Most days, Warana is on the tools. He’s there for setting up at a site, asbestos removal, cleaning tasks, team supervision, operations support, and managing the paperwork. He has also been working closely with management to step into a leadership position within the company and run the operations.

One of the best parts of the job, according to Warana, is the ability to show up to work and do something different every day. There are always new sites and projects to work on, and he loves tackling each task with the close-knit PRO Environmental Services team.

When he’s not at work, Warana enjoys a variety of hobbies, from rugby and basketball to martial arts, V8 engines, the gym, and spending time with friends and family.

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Wellness Champion

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