Bird and Rat Excrement Removal

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Complete and Comprehensive Decontamination

We offer comprehensive decontamination and disinfection of bird and rat droppings, carried out by trained professionals wearing the correct protective clothing. PRO Environmental Service’s bird and rat dropping cleaning service safely removes the waste and disinfects the areas to remove any health risks.

Exterior Bird Excrement Removal

The cleaning of droppings, in a bird control context, is the removal of bird excrement from the exterior of a building prior to the installation of deterrents, or the removal of pigeon droppings from the interior of a building following the exclusion of pigeons. In both cases it is important to remove for multiple reasons.

Effects of Bird Droppings

From building damage to serious health risks, bird guano can be more than just an inconvenience if left unchecked for long periods of time. Being very acidic, bird guano can lead to the corrosion of the surfaces, especially tar-based roofing materials and paint finishes.

Bird and Rat Waste Cleanup

Safe bird and rat waste removal is not only needed to improve the aesthetic appearance of a building or surface, it also helps to prolong the life of the surface and removes any risk to human health. Bird droppings from pigeons, gulls and sparrows can result in permanent damage to the structure of your building or equipment if it is not dealt with correctly. Areas such as roofs, balconies, machinery, ventilation systems and lofts provide birds and rats with sheltered spots that are ideal nesting sites.