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Asbestos Collection

PRO Environmental Services is fully qualified to provide all the asbestos services your construction company or renovation project may need. However, we are aware that you may also have your own team members who are fully qualified and trained to remove asbestos safely and securely. If so, we can provide you with a reliable and compliant asbestos collection service and asbestos disposal so you can keep your team on site doing what they do best. Our safe asbestos collection service allows you to concentrate on completing your project.

Once the asbestos has been collected, we will dispose of your asbestos in accordance with the WorkSafe guidelines, following regulations and ensuring it is done so within the required 24 hour time frame. We then send certificates to your project manager to confirm completion and that disposal has been carried out as per regulations.

Call PRO Environmental Services today to find out more about the our emergency call out service and make PRO Environmental Services the company to call for all your asbestos services.

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Asbestos Disposal

When asbestos is removed from a building or structure, it is imperative that the asbestos disposal is done correctly and in accordance with the industry safety regulations. Incorrect asbestos disposal can have devastating consequences.

Once asbestos has been removed safely from a structure, the asbestos is double-bagged in line with the current guidelines and taken securely to the local landfill. It is important that asbestos removal is completed quickly and efficiently.

As with any PRO Environmental Services work, when we complete your asbestos disposal, we put safety and environmental guidelines at the forefront of everything we do.

Find out more about asbestos disposal by contacting the PRO Environmental Services team today.

Asbestos Management

An asbestos management plan is a document that logs and details how asbestos will be managed in a property and what will be done to ensure employees, customers, and other site visitors are kept safe from asbestos exposure.

The plan must be clear and concise and will include the amount of asbestos found and its location in the building. An asbestos management plan will also document the scheduled works planned to remove and dispose of the asbestos, or to contain it safely. The property owner or building manager is usually responsible for this plan.

For more information on all the asbestos services we provide – testing, removal, collection, disposal – contact PRO Environmental Services today.

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Why asbestos is often only found in emergencies

Why asbestos is often only found in emergencies

Asbestos exposure often becomes a problem after an emergency in New Zealand. Here’s why these scenarios are so common, and what you can do about it.It’s not uncommon to check the news in New Zealand and hear about a fire or other emergency that has caused huge damage...

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What our clients say

Great company for removal work. Quick in responding to query, professional, good price, excellent work.”

— Sander de Laat

“Thanks again for arranging everything so quickly. The area looks great, and the guys did a really nice job of cleaning it up. I appreciate the work!”

— Karl Seaman

“Great job, quick and easy – Adrian and the team were great to deal with and flexible when we had to postpone.”

— Pablo Revuelta, Google Review

“The professionalism and efficiency was much appreciated.”

— Ellie Good

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Here you can find some of our more Frequently Asked Questions about Asbestos Removal and Disposal Services.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral. These fibres are very strong and are highly resistant to heat, fire, chemicals and wear.

For decades, asbestos was an extremely popular building material. It is fire resistant and a great insulator and was used throughout New Zealand in new homes and businesses. 

It can be added to cloth, plastic, paper, cement and other materials to increase their strength, but when asbestos dust is inhaled or ingested by humans, it can lead to various dangerous lung conditions like mesotheliomaasbestosis, and lung cancer, this is why now it is considered as a serious health and safety hazard.

How long does asbestos removal take?

We do our best to work quickly, safely, and effectively to ensure you can get back to work as soon as possible, without putting your teams or customers at risk. Each project is unique and brought carefully through our process.

To provide you with a rough reference we can say that Residential Asbestos Removal can take around 1-5 days, depending on the scope of work. Commercial Asbestos Removal can lead from 1 day to several months, also depending on what it is involved and the specific project needs.

If you have discovered asbestos in your commercial, residential, or industrial property, PRO Environmental Services can help you either manage it or remove it completely with encapsulation and remedial services.

Why is asbestos dangerous for my health?

Breathing in airborne asbestos fibres can be a serious health risk; the fibres lodge themselves in the lungs and may cause harmful diseases including asbestosis, pleural thickening, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

Most asbestos-related symptoms can take up to 20 years to appear and can increase when exposure is more frequent and occurs over long periods of time, and when people inhale more fibres.

What makes PRO ES different from other companies?

Our asbestos removal contractors are highly trained and can safely remove both friable and non-friable types of asbestos. We have decades of experience in the industry, and are WorkSafe licensed for your full peace of mind.

Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the most outstanding high-level customer service in all areas. We will accomplish our vision by providing superior, innovative and smart solutions to our client’s environmental needs and to provide our team leaders with meaningful work and advancement opportunities, which commands a sustainable competitive advantage.

We are passionate about providing quality services by delivering honest advice. By delivering asbestos services we are proud to say we are saving lives in the construction industry and the community we all live in.