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Metal decontamination in New Zealand homes and businesses

Some New Zealand homes and businesses have been painted with paint that contains heavy metals such as lead or cadmium. These heavy metals can also be present in an environment as respirable dust, gases, and vapours following work such as welding and cutting. 

Both lead and cadmium can be absorbed into the body, where the effects can be disastrous. Lead is stored throughout the body and can lead to lead poisoning, which has short term acute effects and long term chronic effects. Sadly, lead tends to affect children even more than adults. Meanwhile cadmium is stored in the liver, where it can lead to a range of negative effects, including cancer. 

That’s why it is vital to seek metal decontamination services.

Discovering heavy metals

A survey inspection can determine if there is any metal contamination or lead-based paint in your environment.  

Lead paint was banned in New Zealand in 1979, so even if your older home has been painted over more recently, it may still have lead paint hiding behind the newer layers. However, lead paint is not the only source of lead or heavy metals in homes, as it has also been used in plumbing and other areas. 

Contact PRO Environmental Services if you are unsure about whether you need an inspection for heavy metals in your home.

Professional metal decontamination and removal in New Zealand

PRO Environmental Services offers metal decontamination and removal in New Zealand. 

We deal with decontamination mainly where dust is discovered, and when heavy metals are found in paint. 

Our team is highly skilled with the right technical knowledge and experience to get the job done. We have built an excellent reputation for our reliable, professional work and can work with homeowners for small domestic jobs, building managers, and even hospitals for larger projects.

Putting your safety first

Before starting, we carefully plan each project to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. We will explain our plans to you for your approval, and organise a start date. 

We also pay close attention to the contamination report from the assessor. This report shows us the level of contamination and the recommended controls to put in place prior to removal or decontamination.

With a sealed enclosure, decontamination point for our workers, and the correct PPE and RPE, we carefully decontaminate the area. We also use specific chemicals to minimise dust exposure and H-type vacuums during the removal or decontamination to leave the space clean and safe for use.

Upon completion, PRO Environmental Services issues a Quality Assurance report with before and after photos to confirm that the task was completed to standard.