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Experience in Demolition

Our team offers complete demolition services, carried out safely and economically by an experienced and reliable crew with over 40 years of experience in modern demolition techniques and equipment.

High Reach Demolition Services

High-reach demolition allows PRO Environmental Services to drastically reduce the risk of our operatives working at any height. Being able to demolish and dismantle a building from the ground with a long-reach excavator gives us much more control over the safety of all parties. It’s also efficient and just as successful as a traditional demolition project. Wherever possible we recommend using specialist, high-reach machinery to demolish any structure or building.

Top Down Demolition Services

Top-down demolition by PRO Environmental Services is completed to the highest of standards. Used mostly on high-rise buildings and structures, this approach dismantles and demolishes the building or structure from the top, floor by floor, all the way down to the bottom. Top-down demolition requires scaffolding to be erected all the way around the building or structure, followed by specialist machinery being brought up to the working level.

Soft Strip Demolition Services

Be it on the interior or exterior, PRO Environmental Services soft strip works facilitate further demolition, refurbishment, or re-modeling of the building. We can either complete this as part of a larger project or as a standalone service. Our soft strip service covers, but is not limited to:

  • Removing internal walls
  • Removing internal ceilings
  • Removing fixtures and fittings
  • Removing temporary structures

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