Friable asbestos removal – Boiler room – Maungaraki

Type of Asbestos: Chrysotile Asbestos


Friable asbestos removal – Boiler room, Asbestos Insulation Board, gaskets, under Fully Controlled Conditions.



Asbestos Removal in Maungaraki Overview

The meticulous process of Asbestos Insulation Board removal demands paramount attention and precision.

This was the case in a recent job we undertook in the Boiler room in Lower Hutt, Wellington region. The significance of this operation was underscored by our stringent adherence to Fully Controlled Conditions, a comprehensive framework ensuring that we scrupulously managed every facet of the removal procedure to prevent any potential release of harmful asbestos fibres.

Asbestos Removal in Maungaraki Process

Prior to starting this intricate task, we observed a 5-day notification period, as mandated by WorkSafe NZ. This allowed us to orchestrate a meticulously calculated plan that encompassed every conceivable precaution. Our team of dedicated professionals, equipped with specialised gear and an unwavering commitment to safety, embarked on this mission.

Despite the inherent complexities of asbestos abatement, the team showcased their expertise by seamlessly completing the project within an 8-day period. The project was completed outside business hours and during weekends, which made it extra difficult due to the shorter winter days. This feat not only proved their efficiency, but also exemplified the gravity of preparation and organisation involved in handling hazardous materials.

Our successful execution of the Asbestos Insulation Board removal project in the Maungaraki Boiler room is a testament to the significance of our meticulous planning, adherence to regulations, and the proficient execution of intricate procedures when dealing with hazardous materials.

The team at PRO Environmental Services is trained to test, remove and dispose of asbestos safely and securely. Our team is highly trained to ensure any works we undertake are completed in accordance with Health and Safety guidelines and regulations.

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