How to find the best asbestos removal service in the Lower Hutt & Upper Hutt

May 22, 2024

Looking for a reliable, efficient asbestos removal service in the Hutt Valley? Here’s what to look for – and why PRO Environmental Services could be the best option.

If you have had your home or business tested and found asbestos containing materials (ACM) around the property, you are amongst the countless property owners in New Zealand who require asbestos removal every year. 

You will need a qualified, experienced, and reliable asbestos removal company in the Hutt Valley to take care of the danger as quickly as possible. If you’re unsure how to start your search, here are some key factors to look for – and why they can make all the difference.

Look for experience

Years of experience doesn’t just mean that someone is well practised at their job. It also means they’ve come across similar problems time and time again, and already know how to deal with them. It means they know how to get a job done efficiently without cutting corners, and it means they know how long a project will take so they won’t drastically underestimate the timeline. 

All that experience also means they have found all the reliable local contacts and suppliers that ensure they can do their job well, on time, and on budget, which results in a better outcome for you. 

Plus, experience means the team has likely dealt with a variety of properties, from small residential units to large commercial locations, and everything in between. 

Explore our case studies to see just a sample of some of the experience in asbestos removal in all Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt that we have gained over our decades of work in the region.

Find a Class A asbestos removalist in the Hutt Valley

 There are two types of asbestos; friable and non-friable. This means there are also two types of asbestos removalists in the Hutt Valley; Class A and Class B

The reason why you should look for a Class A asbestos removal company is because it means they have a special type of licence that ensures they are certified to safely remove both kinds of asbestos. 

A Class B asbestos removalist is only certified to remove non-friable asbestos, so if the friable kind is found on your property, you will need to hire a different crew to remove it safely. 

Pro Environmental Services is a Class A asbestos removalist, so we can safely manage any kind of asbestos containing materials.

Read the reviews

There’s nothing quite like word of mouth to tell you which companies are reliable, and keep their projects to a timeline and on budget. However, if you don’t personally know someone who has recently hired an asbestos removalist in the Hutt Valley area, your next best option is to read reviews. 

If you head to Google and look at our reviews, you’ll see nothing but 5 stars (at the time of writing, but we will endeavour to continue this trend!). We are proud of how this attests to our excellent service that’s efficient, fairly priced, and always friendly. 

Here are just a couple of examples:

“Everything was done thoroughly and correctly. I was kept informed through the whole process and everything went smoothly. I would not hesitate to use them again if the need arose. Highly recommended!” – Eddie

“We had the team from PRO Environmental Services demolish our asbestos lined garage. The team worked solidly from 8 – 5 every day. They were efficient, meticulous in their handly of the waste material and communicated extremely well with us. The job was carried out in a timely manner. Our expectations were exceeded. I highly recommend this team for any demolition work.” – Chani

Pro Environmental Services: Your best choice for asbestos removal in the Hutt Valley

Pro Environmental Services is one of the top providers for asbestos removal in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt. 

Whether you have questions about our service or would simply like a free quote, be sure to reach out today.