Non-friable asbestos removal, Friable asbestos removal, Demolition – Khandallah, Wellington

Type of Asbestos: Chrysotile Asbestos


Non-friable asbestos removal – putty to windows, bitumen tar, asbestos plaster joint compound walls and ceilings throughout.

Friable asbestos removal – asbestos paper to timber flooring.

Demolition of double story house and section preparation for new build.


Khandallah, Wellington

Asbestos Removal and Demolition in Wellington Overview

Removal of identified asbestos materials within a residential property.

Our Class A and B Asbestos Supervisors managed all the asbestos removal works for this property. We treated all waste as asbestos, packaged it in double layer 200µm plastic wrap and disposed of it at an approved waste facility receiving station. In total, we removed six tonnes of asbestos.

Friable asbestos is very crumbly, which makes it significantly more dangerous than non-friable asbestos. It therefore requires additional knowledge and skills, and heightened safety measures, which is why we were extra cautious with this project.

Asbestos Removal and Demolition in Wellington Process

As usual, we provided the asbestos removal and demolition quote in 24 hours. Once we got to work, we completed the project in 3 weeks.

One of the ways PRO Environmental Services sets ourselves apart is with both Class A and Class B asbestos removalists. Essentially, this means we are fully certified to safely remove both friable and non-friable asbestos.

The team at PRO Environmental Services is trained to test, remove and dispose of asbestos safely and securely. Our team is highly trained to ensure any works we undertake are completed in accordance with Health and Safety guidelines and regulations.

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