How can we get rid of asbestos containing materials?

June 7, 2023

Does your asbestos management plan include steps for asbestos disposal? PRO Environmental Services offers expert disposal from NZ homes and businesses.

Many homes and businesses around New Zealand have been found to contain asbestos containing materials. 

Due to the abundance of these materials throughout the 20th century, it has created an ongoing challenge of safe asbestos removal and disposal. While professional asbestos removal services such as PRO Environmental Services can complete the task from start to finish, we also recognise that there are many talented contractors and tradespeople around the country who can also remove asbestos from your property. 

If that’s the case, and you have had someone remove asbestos from your property, the next big question is: What do you do with the asbestos containing materials now? 

Safe asbestos disposal

Due to serious safety concerns, you cannot dispose of asbestos containing materials in a standard dump. Instead, it must be taken to an authorised disposal site.

These disposal sites also ask for a warning call a day or two ahead of the drop off to ensure they can prepare for the arrival of asbestos containing materials. 

Of course, such materials must also be carefully stored and prepared for transport in order to ensure they are not creating further hazards during transportation. 

Not just asbestos containing materials

One of the things that home DIYers might miss when removing asbestos is the danger of other materials on the worksite. 

For example, if someone was wearing a mask, gloves, and coveralls while working with asbestos containing materials, these items will also need to be disposed of carefully. The same goes for drop sheets or similar items that may have come into contact with the materials. 

All items should be placed into heavy-duty plastic bags (double-bagged), closed tightly and taped shut, and also marked clearly with ‘asbestos waste’. 

Professional asbestos disposal services

There is more to removing asbestos than simply extracting it from your home or property. At that stage, the job is only half complete as it is necessary to retain high safety standards throughout the removal process. 

At PRO Environmental Services, we offer assistance with this latter stage of the task. If you prefer to organise for your own asbestos removal, we can come by to pick the asbestos up from your site and dispose of it safely and in accordance with New Zealand’s health and safety laws. This can help to cut down on the organisation, time, effort and cost of doing that part yourself. 

Not to mention, our trained professionals can ensure no one is exposed to undue risks throughout the process.

Your asbestos management plan should always include what to do with materials once they are out of your structure. Expert asbestos disposal can be the safest, most efficient way to finish the task without putting anyone at risk.

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