Contaminated Soil & Environmental Clean in Porirua

Type of asbestos: Chrysotile


Upper Main Drive, Kenepuru

When we were contacted by the client for an asbestos removal and demolition quote, we responded within in 24 hours. It wasn’t long after that before we were setting up the site and carrying out the work.


Kenepuru, Porirua

Asbestos Removal and Demolition for Contaminated Soil and Environmental Clean

One of the ways PRO Environmental Services sets ourselves apart is with both Class A and Class B asbestos removalists. Essentially, this means we are fully certified to safely remove both friable and non-friable asbestos.

The team at PRO Environmental Services is trained to test, remove and dispose of asbestos safely and securely. Our team is highly skilled and will always ensure any works we undertake are completed in accordance with Health and Safety guidelines and regulations.

Contaminated Soil and Environmental Cleaning Process

For this task, our job was to remove, dispose and detail clean the grounds around the Old Stores building, and topsoil scrape 100mm.

In some areas, there were significant quantities of asbestos debris, or damage to the asbestos product to be removed. In these cases, we had to carry our work in the designated respirator zone, which allowed for safe access for the team at Advanced Siteworks, who were operating the trucks and excavators.

Contaminated Soil and Environmental Cleaning Solutions with PROES

Although the work was done outside, there was still a minimal risk to the public and other trades. So we put up signs at strategic points and made sure our work was separated from anyone nearby.

Overall, it was a job covering a 1,500m2 land area. It generated 140 tonnes of asbestos-contaminated soil and 20 tonnes of general rubbish. Yet despite that mammoth task, it took our team just 10 days to complete.


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