Why it’s important to hire experts for building demolition

March 15, 2024

Demolition work can be a dangerous and difficult job. From safety to speed, here’s why it’s important to hire building demolition experts for projects in New Zealand.

Any kind of construction or demolition work requires a good balance of skills, experience, the right tools, and a good level of caution and care. Naturally, it is therefore best to hire building demolition experts for commercial or residential projects in New Zealand.

Here’s a little more about why this is a task best left for those who tick all the boxes.

Safety for workers and site visitors

The biggest concern on any construction or demolition work site is safety. The most common injuries on construction sites involve muscular stress while lifting, carrying, or putting down heavy objects. In 2023, there were 2,541 registered worksite injuries that resulted in a week or more off work – that’s an average of almost 7 for every day of the year.

At PRO Environmental Services, our building demolition experts take site safety extremely seriously. We take all required precautions – and then some. We know we can provide a safe demolition site for our workers and any site visitors, which is the most important aspect of any demolition job.

Shorter work timeframes

A good professional has the experience and tools to complete a project faster than an amateur worker.

We have everything from the scaffolding to high-reach excavators that can make quick work of demolition projects. Plus, we have more than 40 years of experience in modern demolition, so we know how to make the most of these tools and the skills on the team.

That can all result in a project completed sooner rather than later.

Ability to salvage valueable materials

Soft strip is a great service that removes various parts of a structure before total demolition. This gives a property owner the opportunity to salvage valuable materials such as fixtures and fittings before destroying the building itself.

An expert demolition crew can offer a soft strip as part of the service, adding value to the demolition itself.

Disposal considerations

When you work with professional demolition experts, you also have the benefit of a team that knows how to properly dispose of unusable building and construction materials.

This is especially important for demolition jobs where asbestos may be present on site. This adds extra complications for workers during the job, and for those disposing of the materials. An expert team will take all the necessary precautions to gather and dispose of all materials safely.

Building demolition experts with PRO Environmental Services

PRO Environmental Services offers expert demolition work across the wider Wellington region, including Kapiti and the Wairarapa. We can work on small or large sites, including both commercial and residential properties. We can also simply offer soft strip services if you have someone else in mind for the demolition itself.

Contact us for a free quote for your demolition work today.