3 scenarios that might need environmental cleaning

December 12, 2023

PRO Environmental Services offers professional cleaning across Wellington and surrounding areas. Here are 3 scenarios where you might benefit from our services.

PRO Environmental Services is known across Wellington and the surrounding regions as one of the top names in asbestos removal. However, we also offer professional environmental cleaning, which is an essential service for many homes and workplaces in New Zealand.

If you’re unsure if you require expert professional environmental cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. Or, read on to discover three common scenarios in which environmental cleaning might be the right option for your needs.

1. Emergency Asbestos Environmental Cleaning

It’s not uncommon for everyday construction work to disturb asbestos containing materials. Asbestos is so common in older New Zealand homes and businesses, that a construction crew could be working on anything from a renovation to a demolition or maintenance work and accidentally disturb materials that could contain asbestos.

In this case, it’s essential for the health and safety of everyone on site to quickly vacate the area and order an emergency asbestos removal.

Our teams can be on site for a clean up and decontamination in no time. From there, we can create a plan for a full asbestos removal to eliminate the hazard so that work can continue with minimal delays.

2. Void Spaces

Homes and businesses hide plenty of empty spaces in roof voids and under floors. Sometimes, those empty spaces are not so empty after all.

This can occur when the original builder left debris and off cuts in the spaces to avoid proper site clean ups. As well as plenty of debris, dust, and even asbestos containing materials, these voids are often home to large amounts of rodent excrement.

PRO Environmental Services is the name to call if you find yourself in this situation and need a full professional clean including dust removal, vacuuming and surface wiping.

3. Electrical Cupboards and Spaces

Asbestos was often used in and around electrical cupboards and spaces due to its heat and fire resistant properties. Today, that can simply mean that any disturbances of these cupboards and spaces can quickly cause a serious health hazard for workers and anyone in the area.

Sadly, we often see this exact scenario in schools when electricians and other workers come in to replace outdated boxes.

In these cases, we arrive on site as quickly as possible to complete a professional environmental clean. This allows us to decontaminate the area in the short term, then arrange for a full asbestos removal project to allow the work to continue.

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